Cost reduction

Save on energy bills by reducing peak usage, discovering volume users, and lowering standby power.


CO₂ emissions reduction

Find out which energy types contribute most to CO₂ emissions. Learn which buildings have lower CO₂ emissions, and which buildings benefit most from improvements.


Discover year on year changes in energy consumption, or compare this week with the same week last year. Or compare building A with building B.


See how buildings perform based on floor area, or on the number of people working in an office.

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Benefit from lower purchasing costs by having better estimates of future energy consumption. Steer clear from overconsumption fines by staying within contract limits.

Correlated functions

Calculate the return on investment for a Combined Heat And Power (CHP) installation by combining the heat and power aggregates in functions.

nuts is a proven and complete solution to implement energy solutions for your business. nuts is currently in use with more than 30.000 meters for clients in the metering services and energy retail business in The Netherlands and Belgium. Our clients use nuts to reduce energy costs and CO₂ footprint, benchmark their business units, gain insight for energy trading, or for example as a tool to calculate energy bills for tenants.


Adapt to your business

Easy to operate

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nuts is designed, developed and operated by Dreamsolution. Dreamsolution has been active in the energy management business for many years, supporting clients with software for the aggregation and visualisation of meter data.

nuts is pronounced nuts as in “nuts and bolts”, a word traditionally used in Dutch for public utility companies, “nutsbedrijven”.

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